North Carolina
    Highway Patrol
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Board Members
     Officers are elected and then installed along with the Troop Representatives during the fall convention.  Between then and January 1st there is a transition period during which the outgoing and incoming officers and reps work together to transfer records. 

   The newly installed Executive Board officially begins its duties on January 1st.  Auxiliary board members can be contacted by clicking on their name.

President ~ Angie Collier
Vice President ~ Wendy Rietvelt
Secretary ~Patricia Fields
Treasurer ~Cindy Collie
Chaplain ~ Dianne Johnson
Historian ~ Kay Autry

Communication ~ Dianne Johnson
Membership ~ Patricia Fields
Publicity ~
Sales ~ Kay Autry
2024 Executive Board
2024 Troop Reps
Troop A ~ 

Troop B ~  Debby King

Troop C ~

Troop D ~

Troop E ~ Jennifer Bullington

Troop F ~ Michelle McLain

Troop G ~

Troop H ~